Viddler, not your usual clone

February 15th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Deep tagging, live webcam recording, true video streaming and up to 500mb of storage space per uploaded video. These differentiates from YouTube, Google Video and the rest of the YouTube clones out there.

Aside from the major differences, Viddler is like any video networking site where users can share videos, movies and clips, meet friends and make new ones. It's pretty standard for a Web 2.0 designed website. Although, Viddler uses a large video-player compared to some of its competitors.

YouTube and Google Video only allows file uploads of up to 100mb per file. Viddler users can upload files that are as large as 500mb. This help ensures that video contributions to be longer or the quality better compared to other video sharing websites. And if you have a webcam attached to your computer, Viddler is capable of directly capturing you in video and posting it online. So far this feature makes Viddler a little unique. Although, YouTube has launched their own webcam recording function and pretty soon we will see this feature being standardized in video sharing websites. Moreover, in Viddler videos are considered streaming files making them harder to download.

Users can add comments and tags within the videos. Aso known as deep tagging, this feature is already being used by web based video editing sites like MotionBox, JumpCut and Veotag. When users watch a video in Viddler, they can click the plus (+) icon on the videos progress bar and can choose to add a tag or a comment. Tags and comments on a video are identified on the progress bar as black and white dots. Black dots are the tags while the white ones are the comments. Moreover, Viddler allows users to embed a video that begins on a particular segment only so you don't have to upload the whole video if you only need a portion of it.

Viddler also offers true video streaming. Videos run in true video streaming which makes it possible to watch videos immediately and allows viewers to skip to a particular part in a video by just clicking a timed tag.

Viddler also has a great tagging system installed. Tags are categorized into global tags, timed tags, related videos, and related people. Whenever you perform a search, Viddler conducts them on all these areas. Users can filter their search results as well. The website also uses Ajax.