Comeeko, Picture comics.

February 16th, 2007 at 12:00 am

If videos have their enhancements and annotations, it's all because we've been doing it pictures for the longest time, it's called comics. Comics have captured the imagination of generations especially way before the internet. BubblePLY and Mojiti are targetting videos making them into video comics with BubbleSnaps allows a single picture to have one or a set of text bubbles to make the picture “talk.”

Comeeko is much like BubbleSnaps but instead of just asingle picture, Comeeko allows a full layout of a comic page using user selected photos. A comic layout in Comeeko can be from 2 to 9 panels, so the maximum number of unique pictures in a single layout is also 9 pictures.

Creating a Comeeko is very takes four steps. The first step is to select the number and layout of panels. Layouts are predetermined and include the usual box layouts we usually see in the newspaper comics section. The second step is the adjustments of the comic boxes. Here background color of the boxes can be set as well as border widths, cell spacing and panel sizes.

The third step takes the most time. Users must upload a photo they will use for the individual panel and edit that into a comic book panel. There plenty of elements in the panel including images, text bubbles, graphic inserts, and word arts. All elements have different options as well. Images can be editted with color modes, effects / filters, and color properties. Speech bubbles' adjustable properties include dimensions, fonts, and font sizes. Graphic elements including word arts also have adjustable dimensions, opacity and effects. These effects are similar to the image effects. Furthermore, graphics come from Comeeko's graphic library that they simply refer to as Fun Stuff. This library includes comic texts, clothing, hair and body enhancements, greetings, fashion accessories pets, etc.

The fourth step is saving. Comeeko strips are saved as JPG files making it very easy to embed and link to. There is an option to keep a strip public or private. Title, description and tags are also optional fields.

The gallery is the social aspect of Comeeko aside from its export options. Users on Comeeko cancreate their profiles and showcase their strip as well as comment on other people's strip. So in it's own little way, it has become a photo enhancement tool and a social network.

All in all, enhancements to photos and images give people more options and possibilities to express themselves in more creative ways. Following the footsteps of the classic comic books that transformed still drawings into living and breathing superheroes, Comeeko is doing a real good job allowing users to let everyone be a comic book character even for a single lay out.