Mojiti: Complete Video Annotation

February 16th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Enhancements on videos from video sharing sites like YouTube, MetaCafe and iFilm seem to be the next step in the video revolution. Services like deep tagging (Veotag, Motionbox), slicing (Jumpcut, MotionBox), and annotating (BubblePLY) are becoming more and more popular. Enhanced videos add personalization to already available videos and look really cool and funny on social networks and blogs. Mojiti is one of these video enhancement services that is not much different from BubblePLY.

Mojiti allows users to add text boxes and text bubbles to any video from the popular video sharing sites (eg YouTube). Text boxes and bubble add a lot of pizzaz to videos and enable music videos to become karaoke machines. Annotations allow subtitles and commentaries to movies and any other clip.

Adding text boxes and bubbles or as Mojiti calls them, spot sets are surprisingly easy even though the interface is not so straightforward (the icons are a bit small and definitions of tools are not so clear). Getting the hang of adding spot sets in mojiti are actually addictive and even without the visual visual time line positioning of these spot sets is not available (unlike in Vidavee Graffiti), spot set positioning using defined minutes and seconds is surprisingly easier, faster and more efficient.

There are two interfaces for adding spots. The first is by playing the video and click the add spot button in the editor and the second is by using the spot set organizer on the right panel of the editor. Spot adding in the video player is actually more diverse being able to do all that can be done with the Spot Set organizer. The organizer on the other hand is useful when managing spots and where they go without playback. There are features like adding simple text like subtitles, text boxes, text bubbles, images, flash animations and hyperlinks. Furthermore, properties of text and text boxes and bubbles can be edited including changing fonts, colors, lines, and opacity. Moreover, a single video can have multiple spot sets.

All in all, Mojiti seems to be leading in the video enhancement department by combining features of both Graffiti and BubblePLY under one roof. Well, it also seems that enhanced videos will be the next big thing for social networks since all these services have export options by embed (HTML code) , email (URL), and sometimes BB Code.