Stray Cinema, developing your editing skills

February 16th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Have you ever wanted to create your own short film? Or get a chance to practice your cinematography and editing skills? Or have your work reviewed and critiqued? Or have your work exhibited or showcased in film festivals around the globe? might be your cup of tea. is a web project that focuses on creating your own versions of a raw film. Straycinema's current raw footage feature was shot in London. Anyone can download the film, conceptualize or focus on a specific topic from the footage, and develop it into a coherent two minute segment all by re-editing the film using softwares or online apps of their choice, like Avid, Windows Movie Maker, Video Edit Magic and Wax. All two minute productions are uploaded onto YouTube which later are embedded into the Straycinema website.

The site basically focuses on a single aspect of fill making and this is film editing. I'm not saying film editing is a mundane job. It is a very important job in film productions. I, however, just want to clarify what the website is not. If you're looking for a website that will help you create a short film from scratch, meaning you will handle pre-production yourself, shoot the film on your own, and do all the post-production stuff, then don't go to Straycinema.

But instead, there are still a number of reason why you should grab the opportunity and submit your video contribution to Straycinema. First, your work could be screened at Straycinema's London screening. One of the website's objective is to conduct yearly screening on the place where a particular raw footage was taken. Since the present feature was shot entirely in London, the screening for 2007 will be held in London.

The website also offers a social network community where professional, amateurs and would-be videographers, video editors, or artists can congregate, share their experience and learn from each other. The website intends to create a community where information about the details in creating a film flows freely. The website, is all for the dissemination of information.

Straycinema claims that their project is unique. I have to agree. I haven't seen any other project, website or contest online which falls on the same league as that of Straycinema's. Straycinema plans to start a voting scheme once film submissions reached 30. Straycinema's online community will vote for their favorite films. The top 5 films will be screened in London alongside the directors cut.