Toggl: stopwatch for tasks

February 16th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Keeping track of time is utterly important for people doing tons of stuff (work related and otherwise). For webmasters that have multiple projects and multiple clients, managing time and projects can be a really tricky job and the simple calendar just wouldn't do. Things get a whole lot more complicated when there's more than one person involved. Juggling time and productivity gave rise to a time tracker from Apprise called Toggl.

Toggl is an online tool designed to track time consumed by users. The program is intentionally designed as a project management tool for people doing projects for clients. Projects, clients, tasks and staff are the players in the application. The administrator user (aka project manager) monitors all these players for measuring productivity and collecting statistics on projects and staff for future efficiency and present reminders when deadlines are nearing.

As a time tracker, Toggl uses toggle buttons to start and stop time. Both project and tasks have these buttons that are controlled by both staff and administrators (the administrator may opt to have the sole authority). When the button is toggled, time starts for that specific task as well as the whole project where the task is located. The administrator's monitor is a dashboard where everyone's move is monitored by the second. Also, there is no limit to the number of projects, tasks and users that the Toggl application can monitor. The Ajax interface makes it possible for the administrator and users to stay on one page while using all functionalities of the software.

Another toggle of the button and the time stops. Stopped time does not necessarily mean that the task or project is completed. This is actually a reality bite that a lot of project management softwares take lightly. A task is only completed when the user or administrator says it is. This means that pausing time is possible and only the time tendered to a task is measured.

Toggl however, also has limitations compared to bigger and more detailed projectmanagement and collaboration software (like ActiveCollab for instance). Toggl is mostly a monitor and little of a scheduler or time broker. It simply counts how much time was poured into a task. Nevertheless, it also has reports and export options to print, PDF, and CSV.

All in all, Toggl is merely a tool to assist users in managing and monitoring their time and others' times as well.