Building an online scrapbook

February 17th, 2007 at 12:00 am claims to be one of the few websites that offer more than the services of a traditional photo sharing online community. The idea of a photo sharing website is to upload your photos, create albums or galleries and share them to family and friends. What Scrapblog does is it enable users to design, edit or layout a template where they could add the photos that they will be uploading onto the Web. Users can add, edit and change shapes, frames, text, stickers, colors, etc. and combine these elements together into a photo story of their own. It's a blog but instead of using text, emphasis is given to photos, layouts and design.

So far, Scrapblog is a free site. There's no need to install and download programs as well. The website utilizes its own Scrapblog Builder to build online scrapbooks. The website's scrapbook builder launches as a pop-up window so you need to turn off any pop-up blockers for this site. The builder is easy to use and contains, not complete, but adequate tools to edit images and design your pages. It is not Photoshop so don't be expecting such versatility. It's a good thing though that Scrapblog made the editing template big. The graphics too are easy to use.

The website also offers RSS feeds and email notifications. Each scrapbook you create can be embedded in blogs or other webpages. Viewer comments can also be posted. However, comments can be made only for the whole scrapbook and per page comment is not available.

You can view scrapbooks that have been made public by other users. Users can browse the scrapbooks using the search box or search by date or popularity. Tags are also being used. There are, so far, very few user generated public scrapbooks. The community is not yet that big.

Scrapblog reminds me of other web-based applications that create and edit pages and publish them on the web. FormatPixel , Empressr and Zoho Show are some of the examples of these website. The only difference is that the end products of these three website pages are intended to be saved and published as presentations and not as online scrapbooks. But what's stopping people using FormatPixel, for example, into using it to create a scrapbook? Nothing, actually.

Moreover, Scrapblog is entering an already crowded photo blogging community. Also, not all bloggers are willing to spend time creating and editing scrapbook type albums online. Bloggers might prefer websites that offer simpler and quicker photo sharing features. Scrapblog might, therefore, have a smaller audience than they think.