Mainada Comics

February 17th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Comics have long been entertaining people. The concept of talking pictures has gone from comics to video over the last century and now they're conquering cyberspace as well.

MainadaComics is a social network for people who enjoy sketching up comic strips. Basically it's a free web application for artists who know little or nothing about making their own webpages or putting their worls onine. At Comics Sketch @Mainada, users can sketch comic strips directly to their own accounts and reach a world wide audience in less than a minute.

Signing up for an account is free and so is sketching unlimited numbers of comic strips. Sketching however, filters out the untalented. There are many other sites that let create drawings usings dozens of tools from pencils to lines, to autoshapes and hundreds of image effects. Mainada Comics on the other hand sticks to the basic, colored pencils, without erasers. Users are provided with only colored pencils and blank paper to make their works of art. Comic strips are then titled and tagged for easy archiving.

The whole web service is built on Laszlo and Ruby on Rails technologies allowing for flash like and seamless navigation through out the site. The technology of the sevice also allows the animation of comic strips while they are being displayed on screen. Users can decide to see how the whole picture was drawn by seeing the stroke of every comic strip in the Mainada Comics directory.

I tried my hand at sketching and my works will soon be forgotten for good reasins. The top rated works on the other hand are very impressive I didn't expect it was possible to create such drawings with a mouse, a virtual pencil and a bunch of colors.

Comics Sketch @ Mainada is in its 1.5th beta edition so expect other changes on the site plus a lot more top rated works that would just blow you away.