Pictaps, I like to move it, move it.

February 17th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Roxik is a brand product of Japan based graphic designer Masayuki Kido. His specialty is Flash though he does all other things quite well as well. Pictaps is a flash based drawing site slash social network slash techno party.

Pictaps is a product of Roxik and if you've seen other digital toys of Roxik (available at their site), Pictaps fully utilizes flash and XML to support its growing number of users and drawings (they'd definitely need a database for that). Upon entering the Pictaps homepage, you wouldn't realize right away what is going on or how it's going on. Techno music will be playing and there's gonna be this odd looking paper or stick figure dancing on a stage with hundreds of others exactly like him dancing around (like lemurs in the motion picture Madagascar).

Then after a closer look and you'll make sense out of a menu on the bottom of the page where other odd looking sketches of stick figures are encircled. Upo clicking one of them the scene on the dancefloor also changes and the figure you clicked takes over the stage. Then the “cool” expression glows on your face.

After a bit of playing around, you'll decide to figure out how such a program lets these stick figures dance. So you decide to make your own drawing and make it dance only to find out that it was so simple. The parts of the drawing is already defined, that means that the program is not so smart after all, it just uses a template to do the dance and whatever is on that template simply follows with the movements.

Then you start your drawing, and take it out for a test run. It's still cool and worthy of embedding on your blog which with a click of a button on the lower right side of the screen, the code is provided as well as a URL for emailing.

Pictaps is not much of a serious money generating Web 2.0 service like Picnik or Snipshot, nor is it an all out social network site like Myspace or Friendster. It's a fun site where the designer is showing the world what he is capable of. And I get it, he's gooooood.