Acorn, manage your ideas.

February 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Ideas are big business. They come and go as they please so it is important to write them down somewhere and be able to review and probably share them if and when needed. Some turn to the notebook pen (and paper kind), some turn to a handheld PC, some turn to scratch paper, post its, and some to the web.

The web currently offers many other writing pads where users can just keep rambling about whatever they want (it's called blogs).There are those services that cater specifically to noting down ideas. Take Wridea for example, it's a blog type of service that's made to keep ideas. Acorn is nothing different. Aside from the design, it's all the same, even the fact that they were both made in Ajax.

Anyway, since Wridea got a review, then so should Acorn. First, the URL of Acorn is not its name. check it out by clicking on the title. Although Acorn is catchy and does remind us of the chip munks having an idea (and acorn hits them on the head), I guess managemyideas was a more appropriate URL.

The interface of Acorn is no nonsense. Unlike Wridea that's more stylish than most designer sites, Acorn means business with its clean white design and its logo that looks like the scientific journal publisher Elsevier's logo. Search is done by tags but it would have been easier with text recognition. Nevertheless, the simple minimalistic interface also provides a unique advantage, new ideas can be entered easier on th fly with the text field right on top.

Sharing and commenting is also allowed and these options are reachable by the tabs on the main window. Sharing however needs other Acorn users to share with, there are no export options to file or email. Comments on the other hand can be done by the user himself or friends he invited in to the service.

All in all, Acorn is again a simple online application that excels in its own little niche that make up this whole Web2.0.