, a window shopping experience

February 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Window shopping on the web. That's probably the best way to describe . The website features a map of categories where you can search virtually for the items you want. So far, the site has four major categories or departments: sports, shoes, toys and watches.

But unlike other shopping sites which also use forms of visual search, Browsegoods uses a drag and drop technique. When you open the website, what you will see is a map that has these categories written over the boxes. When you zoom in a particular box you will see smaller boxes which contain the subcategories of the items. As you zoom in further, more and more subcategories appear. At halfway zoom, you can already see the thumbnail images of the items. At maximum zoom, you'll be able to see the product image up close and in detail. If you want to buy something, you click on the image and three options will open up for you. You can either save the product info and image for later, send the info through email to a friend, or buy it immediately from

BrowseGoods's interface is supposed to allow shoppers to move about the product offering quickly. However, because of the magnitude of the images loaded to the site, browsing is slow and you might find yourself waiting for a few seconds before the images fully loads. Also, it can be a little difficult browsing the items when you're zoomed all the way in. If you want to search for a particular model, brand you could instead use the search bar option on the top portion of the site. The search results will be displayed on the left side of the site and the specific location will be marked on the map. Also since you're computer will be dealing with lots of images, it helps to have a fast computer and fast internet connection.

I had fun browsing the items at first but I soon tire of the whole browsing thing. Later on, I was using more the search box option rather than zooming in and out of the map of products. So it would be great if BrowseGoods will use more filters in its search option to refine product searches. But maybe its just me and browsing the map of products does not really interest me (I don't like to window shop as well). One thing is certain, though, the website has incorporated an innovative way of browsing product items on the Web.