DivShare.com, enters the file hosting industry

February 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

In December 2006, DivShare.com bravely came out to compete in a rather congested online file hosting market. The people behind the website were hopeful that they have integrated enough features to make DivShare stand out and to propel it to the list of the top online file hosting sites.

Results so far are not much but still are quite promising. Alexa gave DivShare a traffic rank of 19,980 with an increasing trend in the past two months. But this is a far cry from the traffic rank of 52 given to ImageShack.us . ImageShack is a free image hosting solution which has been considered as one, if not the most popular, online file hosting site. Although, DivShare is claiming to have an advantage over ImageShack and other file hosting sites it seems that the site has yet to really make an impact in the file hosting community. Among the “unique” features that the website has are unlimited uploads and downloads, no waiting lines for files, auto image galleries, no popups or spam, co-branding options (which means you could add your name, logo and link to your download pages), and all files stay online forever.

However, DivShare is not really unique in some of its features. File hosting site Mediafire also offers unlimited uploads and downloads, the same no waiting lines for files, the same no popups or spam, and files are also saved in the site forever.

Speed of uploading and downloading of files are commendable but not extraordinarily fast. The dashboard is simple and the user interface is easy. You can upload up to 200MB worth of files at a time. It also now has password protection to keep your files more secure and private.

The more recent improvements to the DivShare website were focused on the site appearance and navigation rather than overall functionality and design. Easy ways to change your gallery titles, improved file flagging, and integration of AJAX into the dashboard were part of the latest installments of innovations in the website.

Other direct competitors of DivShare include Box.net , AllMyData, Freepository, Mozy , DropSend , Streamload , Xdrive, Openomy , and 4shared.com.