Weeworld, back to 2D and still cute.

February 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Virtual worlds are at the heart of the web. Social networks, communities, forums, chat rooms, all try to simulate the real world. Depicting one's self has always been one of the requirements in these virtual worlds. Some use who they really are, most don't. Nicks, aliases, icons and avatars, all of these symbols depict the users in cyberspace.

WeeMees are the avatars of WeeWorld. Like Y!Messenger avatars, WeeMees start being naked, well almost. Unlike the Y!M avatars, WeeMee's are2-d, they do not have the 3-d texture, they resemble the South Park illustrations. Then the user chooses attributes like head shape, hair style and color, clothing, and accessories. When all that is done, out comes the WeeMee ready to meet new WeeMees and be jettisoned into the furthest reaches of cyberspace.

Creation of the WeeMee is the first part, at this point, WeeWorld has more to offer than the cute and stupid looking WeeMee. Aside from just avatars, WeeWorld can also host blogs. Not much of features on the blog, but WeeWorld makes up with their export features, Wee games,WeeCards and WeeShop.

WeeMees To Go are for all users' exporting needs. WeeMees can be used in Blogs, Websites, emails. Instant Messengers and mobile. Inserting the WeeMee into Blogs and Websites is a piece of cake, copy thew code and paste. Email signatures and IM avatars are the tricky thing, WeeWorld makes it easier by providing step by step instructions for the client (3 for emails and 10++ for IM's).

Aside from those exports, WeeWorld also sends ecards. The ecards of course feature WeeMee's. User's can opt to use their own WeeMee to animate or create a new one to send via email. WeeMee's in ecards are animated, a bit. Again the animation is like South Park. Backgrounds can also be set as well as the kind of animation.

The WeeShop is where users can order hardware of their WeeMees. By hardware I meant shirts. Shirts can contain the user's WeeMee or a newly made WeeMee printed in the front.

All in all, I enjoyed using WeeWorld even if its Flash interface was not at all slow but not that fast either. The WeeMee's are really cute and I recently replaced one of my Avatars.