ClockLink, clocks for everything

February 21st, 2007 at 12:00 am

Blogs are everywhere, everybody can now have their own website as easy as signing up for an email account. This innovation has spawned not only services that host them but of course the bling that go with it. It's like the jeans, for a lot of people, it can't come without the sandblast patterns, the torn knee, the belt, the chain, or the personalizes embroidery. Like every commodity, blogs have their own set of accessories. These accessories are sometimes referred to as window gadgets or widgets. they are those flashy looking things that do something on the screen but actually their purpose is not that important since the OS already has it to begin with.

Clocklink is one of these accessories for websites. Basically they make clocks. I can't really say they make them in all shapes and sizes but usually they make it so it fits conveniently on the screen or on a corner of a web page. Clocklink has a gallery of a couple dozen clocks that are free for use in any website or blog. Their only condition is that their clock remains unchanged. There is not much to change anyways since most clocks have its own options. For example, the digital clock displays can be shown in different formats and like the analog clock displays, they come in different colors.

As mentioned, these clock are accessories meaning there are different kinds for any kind of site design. Animals, Sports, Digital, Analog, Old-school, High Technology, absurd are some of the themes of the clock. There are also customized clocks for corporate sites. Although the clocks are not user generated or designed, the service is still free.

By the way, embedding is done the usual way. After the user chooses a clock to use in his site, an HTML code is generated and the Flash based clock is embedded. Functionally they are clocks, that do exactly the same thing as the one on the taskbar. Aesthetically, they're eye candy.