February 21st, 2007 at 12:00 am

Ubuntu linux has a very useful feature that is not present in Windows. Multiple desktops are used in Ubuntu to relieve the burden of multiple windows open in one desktop. Desktoptwo somewhat does this task but online and not exactly does the work like the Ubuntu multiple desktops.

Desktoptwo mimics the look, feel and functionality of a local desktop. It is an online desktop designed to be a user's personal computer anywhere in the world. It's features include a Hard Drive which is actually an online storage host with 1GB free. The Hard Drive is similar to many other online storage sites like Dropboks or Omnidrive, in this case Desktoptwo acts as a portal to access the drive along with the other features.

There is also an email client where POP accounts can be synced and/or created. Other useful tools and applications in Desktoptwo are, Address Book: access your contacts anywhere, My WebSite Editor which allows editing and creation of websites. Moreover there is a Blog, an Instant Messenger that connects with other Desktoptwo users as well as MSN, MP3 player where you can upload your music (stored of course on your 1GB HardDrive on Desktoptwo), Calendar, RSS Reader and Programs. The Programs let users access the Open Office Suite and open PDF files.

Basically it's a mini personal computer on the web. The main advantage of Desktoptwo is its accessibility. It's actually a Flash based web application that uses a database much like any other blog site that allots a certain amount of space for each user.

Personally, I find the application rather slow and heavy on bandwidth. Furthermore, I think it's got too much features though the Hard Drive comes in handy along with the RSS Reader.