, versatile slide tool

February 21st, 2007 at 12:00 am

Geoffrey Gaudreault's offers a web based slide show creator which has the ability to create video-like slide show presentations. Its slide show creator is quite powerful, probably the most distinguishing factor that makes this site worth visiting. Slideroll's in-browser tool features the same basic controls that you will find in similar desktop applications. However, this web app do offer more versatility than other slide show makers on the Web. Still when compared to desktop application like Microsoft's PowerPoint, the web app still falls short in performance.

When you use Slideroll's slide show creator, you can upload your photos directly from your PC or import the photos directly from your Flikr account. You can customize options like panning and zooming-in. You can also apply a variety of transitions, change the length of time the photo will be displayed, add music to your slides, and add titles and texts to your presentation. And just like any other sharing website, you can publish your slide show in the public community of Slideroll or you could keep it private and instead just copy the codes to your website. Slide presentations created in Slideroll are 100% Flash which makes it compatible to almost any users who are logged on to the internet.

Other notable features of the site is a free video maker tool which can convert the flash slide shows into a movie. You can also choose from a list more than 40 songs to insert into your slides show. Or you could add songs by registering at SonificSongSpots and choosing and uploading your songs from there.

Personally, I find the selection of transitions very few and limiting. I would love to have some modern or “funkier” ones added to the list. Also, it won't hurt if Slideroll is capable of directly uploading photos aside from Flikr accounts. In this regard, Photobucket, Facebook, Bebo and Friendster are some photo sharing websites that come to mind.

While browsing the Internet, I found another website that makes slide show presentations., is a simple site which does not share the elegant design of However, Slide do have some great ideas for slide transitions and effects. Using is quicker, you can make a slide show presentation in a matter of minutes, but offers very few customization options unlike Slideroll.

So all in all, even though Slideroll has some limitations, the web app can create simple and elegant flash slide presentations through a user friendly interface. It is worth trying out.