, not much to see

February 21st, 2007 at 12:00 am

The idea behind is to create movies from your photos instantly. No complex editing, no confusing controls and no slow loading applications. According to the the website, it was created “to help you create videos that you will want to share with your friends and family.”

TrackingShot has a fast user interface. When you log in, you will immediately be presented with the “Get Started” page. You will be asked to download the photos either from you computer or from your Flickr album. You can upload photos, videos and music files in varying formats. Once the files are uploaded, TrackingShot will automatically create a movie from your pictures or videos. It's simple and straightforward.

However, you might feel limited when you use the web based application especially when you want to be extra creative in your videos and when you have been too used with desktop based applications. TrackingShot does not have enough editing options to go around. The only options you have are: arranging the photos according to the sequence you like, zooming into specific areas of the photo, and highlighting specific areas by using the "important photo" option. Transitions are done automatically with the application trying to synchronize the images with your chosen music. However, a pace control bar just above the player allows you to set the average pace of each shot. Moving the lever to left slows down the pace and moving it to right makes it faster.

The site also uses tagging in the videos which would facilitate easier and faster searches. But with very few user generated videos so far, tagging is not at all necessary. Also, a particular video can be linked and embedded in any other website. You just need to copy the appropriate codes and paste them on your blog or personal site.

Developers of this online video creator did great in maximizing the use of automation and Flash for the website. I really love the relatively large Flash player and the upload speed of a movie when you watch it. The black and silver color theme elicits initial come-on reactions especially when matched with the witty Flash animated designs. The design might amaze users at first but the limited functionality might throw them off later on. Users must remember that this is not a desktop application and make their peace with what the site has. Similar video making website JumpCut offers just a little more effects and choices in editing than TrackingShot. Meanwhile, MotionBox features deep tagging and other editing tools.

It seems the website is not receiving that much traffic lately. The site was launched in October last year but traffic reports from Alexa showed no considerable visitor activity to the site in the last three months. There were also very few publicly shared videos in the website so far.