Zpeech.com, it’s all about freedom of speech

February 21st, 2007 at 12:00 am

Zpeech.com allows you to express opinions, post comments and criticisms, share ideas and experiences on a website while staying logged onto the website itself. What Zpeech does is it opens a website with a zpeechboard popup on the left hand side of the window, it is here in the zpeechboard where you post all your comments and stuff. Fellow members of Zpeech will be able to read comments and join in the discussions instantly. I don't know if its going to matter to most posters but anything posted stays permanent on the zpeechboard, even after you deleted your account your posts will remain unless deleted by Zpeech admin.

You need to register in order to post on any zpeechboard. If, however, you're only going to read the posts, you can do so by placing “zpeech.com” in front of a URL. Let's say you want to read or post a comment about YouTube.com, you type http://www.zpeech.com/youtube.com and it will bring you to YouTube's main page but with the zpeechboard on the left side of the page. This yellow green colored AJAX popup can be resized and moved within the site.

You'll find that Zpeech will work on most websites except those that have dynamic URLs such as the NYTimes.com. According to the developers of the web app, because pages of dynamic websites are always changing with every request, Zpeech is unable to reference the URL of the pages making it impossible to open a zpeechboard. So far, the website that received the most number of posts in a zpeechboard is literarchie.plusboard.de which is followed closely by google.com. Other websites where a zpeechboard has been created include leselupe.de, paranoiaparadise.com, stanatwork.blogspot.com, spiegel.de, studivz.net, youtube.com and blogbar.de.

You can discuss anything in the zpeechboard as long as they are within the limits of the decency. Posts are still subject to common social decorum such as accuracy and must not involve hateful or offensive comments. Contents should not harbor anything illegal or infringe on one's personal privacy and any copyright material.

But Zpeech is not the only one offering this service. Gabbly.com and Yaplet.com offer similar features. Both Zpeech and Yaplet are in their beta version.