Skobee, eyecandy organizer

February 22nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Organizing is a very huge market on the internet. Well, there are advantages of having an online organizer, you can access it anywhere, anytime, it updates, you don't have to carry it around, and you can share it, well, some of it.

Skobee is an online planner but unlike other planners that have calendars, calculators , address books, mobile alerts, etc., Skobee keeps it simple by simply limiting users to only make plans. The beauty of this is that it's really just what some people need. Not everybody is as busy as a top executive, some people just have to make plans for dinner or coffee and remind themselves. I guess what I'm trying to point out is that most organizer web applications are intented for the uber busy and hectic, workaholics, and Skobee is a more relaxed and simple application for simpler lifestyles.

Making a plan is really simple. There's a button on the top right that says, “Make New Plan.” Click that and the interface pops up. Now unlike the planners for busier people, Skobee's Make-New-Plan-page is much easier, just fill in the What, When, Who and Where. The “what” part is the title of the activity, the “when” is obviously the date which can be selected by a drop down menu, the “who” part is for the people you're inviting, these can be email addresses or Skobee user names, or just names. The “where” part is interesting, users can search for the specific place using Google without leaving the Skobee site. For example, just enter “starbuck” and the zip code or address then the distance from there. Skobee then provides a list to choose from.

When the plan is final, it is sent to the “who” people's emails. The email contains an invitation where they can accept, deny, discuss the event, or reschedule the event. Moreover the invitation contains a Google map that shows the exact location.

All in all, Skobee's functions are present in most calendar and organizer applications. What makes Skobee appealing is its simplicity. It's most probably not designed for the executive with a down-to-the-minute schedule but for the simpler people with lots of friends and not-so-high-paying-jobs, it makes planning a whole lot easier and fun.