Spresent.com, a great online presentation tool

February 22nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Spresent.com is a web-based application that creates presentations using Flash. These kinds of websites are very common nowadays. But unlike the rest, once you open the Spresent's interface, you immediately think: this is PowerPoint. Well, at least that was my reaction anyways. However, the fact still remains that Spresent's user interface, controls and functionality gives you the versatility to work in a level that is almost the same as that of PowerPoint.

The on-site web application uses a drag-n-drop interface. You can select an image, text or graph and move and place it anywhere on the page. Aside from this unique feature, it comes with standard tools of the trade. Moreover, this online app has a good collection of pre-designed templates, background designs, cliparts, images, background graphics and vector animations at its disposal. Other features include interactive 3D excel bar and pie graphs that are easily modifiable. Also, apart from the preset shape tools, users have the freehand pen tool which gives them additional flexibility since with the freehand pen they can trace pictures or create rough sketches. It's all in one's imagination. If you have a Flickr account, Spresent can integrate your photos into the presentation or use the photos to enhance the existing slides.

And just like any other web based products, you can embed your flash presentations in blogs, webpages and web forums. You can also use the Flash presentation to enhance Flickr photos slide shows, to be uploaded in YouTube and in for Podcasting as well.

The good thing with these kinds of online application is that you can work in your web browser anytime and anywhere as long as there's an internet connection since your files are saved on a virtual account. But the same advantage can turn into the site's biggest liability. Issues regarding hacking and website security can hinder professionals from utilizing the web-based application for company use since they will be concerned on the security of their files and will not risk leaking out confidential information.

However, with regards to functionality and features, Spresent is pretty good. With the release of their Beta Version 2 last Janaury, you can see that the site continue to improve and develop. I really like the site. Hopefully, it will fare nicely even if the bigger fish enters the playing field. News buzz is now circulating on the plan of Google to release soon a web based presentation tool that will complete its online office setup. The tool, which is reportedly going to be named Presently will feature online conversion of documents to presentation files, creation of slides and viewing the presentation in full-screen. I do hope Spresent carries itself well.