Stikkit, Digital PostIt’s?

February 22nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Organizing is always a part of human day to day activities. Given that fact, people have deviced ways to keep themselves out of life's chaos. One of these inventions came in the 1980's after using a failed adhesive that was too weak to really stick paper together. It was called the Post-it. Since then the Post-it has become a staple office supply and it has proved itself to be one of the best organizing tools in history.

Most, if not all great inventions find themselves being simulated on a computer. There are numerous applications on the web today that imitate the organizing tools we used before the Rolodex. Address books, Phone directories, Calendars, Organizers and now even the Post-its. Stikkit is a web based application that simulates the Post-it, well, at least the general idea.

Basically, Stikkit is an organizing tool capitalizing on the fame of the Post-it though they have nothing to do with 3M (the makers of Post-it). A stikkit is like a page in an organizer that contains notes, or any written text that the user wants to write. Stikkits aren't just notes, they can contain contact information of peers that are organized and updated by the application itself. Aside from a self updating address book (done by it's social network likeness), stikkits can also be used to plan and document meetings. This feature is something like where a single note is passed around the attendees of a meeting or at the meeting itself that stikkit is edited as a documentation of the minutes then blasted to the attendees afterwards.

Stikkits also work like an idea noter, something like Wridea or Acorn. Users can write down their ideas or thoughts on the fly and choose to make them public or private. Public stikkits of course can be commented on by peers or other stikkit users. Moreover, stikkits can also be synced with email. Stikkit is capable of transforming email messages in to stikkits and note down events, contacts and other stuff.

Generally, Stikkit is a Ajax-based tool in the attempt to make life easier. It's features may or may not be complete but that really depends on user preference. Personally, I find the UI not entirely that friendly or easy to use. Nevertheless, Stikkit has found many users that utilize its features but with all the new similar services popping out on the web, will Stikkit stick?