VideoRonk, video vertical search

February 22nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Video is probably the second (text is still first) fastest growing medium on the internet. Well, maybe not but video has made so much of a fuss especially after Google's acquisition of YouTube. Now a lot of web services simply ride on the glory of video sharing. Some services allow editing, some allow other forms of sharing, some do something, and there are always the simple ones that just let you search it.

Video is a vertical and many vertical search engines have capitalized on the vast amount of videos floating around cyberspace. Like blogging, focusing on a single niche is the intention of these vertical searches. For the video vertical there are already a lot including Blinkx, PureVideo, and this review's VideoRonk.

VideoRonk is a vertical search engine for videos online. According to them, “If it's online, we have it.” They can put it that way but all they actually do is crawl all other video sharing sites, display the results and automatically embed the video in their site for viewing. given that VideoRonk searches across different platforms, this limits its search to the title of the videos, tags in aren't given much attention. Nevertheless, the scope of the search is wider. VideoRonk crawls the following networks, YouTube, Google, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Ifilm, Myspace, Vimeo,Blip, Revver and Vpod. They also, with a small link on the upper left hand corner of the page, have a similar service for adult videos which searches Porntube and Youporn.

Anyway, VideoRonk has an ace up its sleeve aside from Vertical Search and Adult Videos, they also allow embedding of videos by providing the permalink and the HTML code for each video. The best part however, is the download capability. To download FLVs from video sharing sites usually takes a plug-in application. VideoRonk has its own and is capable of downloading videos it searches.

Personally, the idea of cross platform searching is great. Problem is, most videos come from YouTube anyway so what's the point? Potentially, VideoRonk is a great tool but the other video sites have to increase their population to make the vertical engine more useful than searching YouTube alone.