HeelPress.com, earn votes to be published

February 23rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

I personally find HeelPress.com an interesting website. If you're an artist or a writer, you might want to check the site out. You need to sign up though and create your own profile. But as a member you can join discussions and debates, share pictures, talk to other mmbers, and all the standard stuff in a social networking site.

As an artist, you can submit your original artwork or writing. But before these can be published on the website, other members will need to vote on your work first. Among the writing categories include both ficion and non-fiction, poetry and song writing, commentaries and interviews. Artwork submissions are classified into photography, drawing, painting and graphic designs. When your material earns the necessary votes, your work will get published.

This voting system is one of the few unique features in HeelPress. Everything else is pretty much the standard things you will see in social networking or sharing websites. Who are eligible to vote? Members who have had their work published are the one's who can vote on the other member's submissions. The more your articles or artworks make it in the website, the more voting power you will have. There are no strict guidelines that HeelPress imposes that you should refer to when you cast your votes. But of course, everything should be considered critically and in the point of view of an artist or a writer. That's the good thing about this whole voting process. You can help ensure that the website will feature quality submissions. Plus this process entice members to give their best when writing their stories or creating their artworks. Since anything can be published in HellPress, the fate of your work being published will always be dependent on how well you have gathered support for your material.

Some people might find this voting system totally unnecessary and see the website as a group of snobbish individuals who are trying to look professionals by integrating exclusivity to the website. And instead of being encouraged in contributing their works, they will keep their articles and artworks to theirselves. Meanwhile, some writers or artists might feel intimidated or scared from the level of materials that have been voted to be published so far.

However, these are personal decisions and preferences dictated by individual behaviors and attitudes. Alexa has reported that traffic rank of the website is moving on the range of 38,079 during the last six months.

Among the other features of HeelPress are online debates, a photoblog section and online forums. When it comes to debates i would still prefer websites that are purely dedicated on hosting debates such as ConvinceMe.com. The same goes with the photoblog feature of the site. HeelPress doesn't offer much in this area.