MediaFire, unlimited free storage

February 23rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Online storage is becoming a very important tool and commodity on the internet today. We've seen players like Omnidrive, Dropboks and Box. Aside from Dropboks, all other online storage sites I've found have the free 1GB storage space and the other premium plans that allow storage of up to 200GB.

MediaFire is one of these online storage applications and like Dropboks, it's completely free. Unlike Dropboks though, MediaFire has ads but the best part is, instead of having a free 1GB storage space, you get all the space you need. According to them, online storage capacity for each user is unlimited. Here's the catch, maximum upload size at a time is 100MB only.


The first page interface is very straightforward. The upload box is present and there are only two tabs if you notice them. Below the upload box, there's a marketing portion telling you why using MediaFire is better than other online storage sites. Here are its complete features:

  • 100% Free – No payments whatsover.

  • Unlimited Disk Space Store as much files as you want.

  • Upload an Unlimited Number of Files – Just make sure that the maximum file upload size is 100MB, so if you got a huge file to store, chop it up first.

  • Serve Unlimited Downloads – Share your files with permalinks to your storage space on MediaFire.

  • No Waits, Lines, or Queues

  • Easily Email Files After Uploading

  • No Sign Up Required – Las but not the least. Now that virtually all web applications require at least a valid email address to have a free service.


Basically, everything sounds too good to be true except for the 100MB maximum file update. So I tried using it to see how good it really is. At first, when selecting the file to upload it's all usual, andafter clicking upload the status bar for uploading is out-of-this-world fast. Problem is, the impressive part ends there. I'm not really sure if the file was uploaded because after the status bar reaches 100%, the verification process stops in its tracks. Then what? After that I couldn't test the service anymore.

All in all , the features MediaFire promised are all the best I've heard in the online storage department. The trick now for them is too make it work. I'll be returning to them soon to see if they fixed out that bug,