February 23rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Planner and calendar applications are now a staple commodity for busy folks trying to mix fun and works balanced with friends and family. Making plans for get togethers and meetings has never been more complicated with everyone going about their busy lives. Timebridge was reviewed here and that application just like Skobee was designed to help people set up meetings by finding the best time on their calendars to meet up. Meetwithapproval is another one of these applications.

Though unlike Timebridge and Skobee, Meetwithapproval can work just as well without signing up for an account. Here's is its official how-it-works:

Arrange a meeting or event. Work out which day is good for everyone & keep track of who is coming. 'Meet With Approval' could not be simpler. Fill out the form which creates a meeting page. Your friends or colleagues are notified of the event. They visit the meeting page and help decide a good date. When you are all happy, 'Meet With Approval' confirms the arrangement and you all meet up.”

The meeting form is available right there on the home page so as promised there's no need to sign up for another account and remember another password. the form is simple and straightforward. It asks for simple descriptions of the event, tentative time and place, invitations, and priveleges. The organizer of the event can suggest an unlimited number of possible dates for the event to take place (though anything more than three dates is kind of too much), as well as set if his invitees can suggest some dates and send out invitations too.

Confirmation of the event can be sent automatically when everyone approves though if that is improbable, manual confirmation is also allowed.

That completes the meeting form and now all everybody has to do is check their emails and coordinate on the Meetwithapproval site (URL to the meeting details is sent in the email). Due to the feature that anyone can use it without an account, accessing the meeting details on the website is done by a single URL therefore no need to save anything on your computer since everything is hosted online.

All in all, Meetwithapproval is a planning tool just as effective and efficient as the more complicated Timebridge and Skobee. The feature of not needing an account to use its full features is probably the best thing about it.