, just for laughs

February 23rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

It seems video sharing has become more audience oriented; websites have chosen to becoming more specific by concentrating on a single video genre unlike the way YouTube does things. I have reviewed a while back which showcases videos of crazy antics and weird and wild dares. AniBoom and MyToons meanwhile contains mostly animated contents. There are even websites that feature travel videos from across the globe, one of which is So it is not really surprising to find websites like which is dedicated to hosting comedy videos on the Web.

SuperDeluxe showcases comedy videos that are classified into either video series or shorts. The site is free and any registered user can upload videos but one can view the contributions even without creating an account. In as much as it is a video sharing website, SuperDeluxe allows members to create social networks by customizing their user profiles, sending messages to other members, posting comments on uploaded videos, sharing videos and embedding the same to their blogs or other web pages.

User interface is not that complicated. To search for videos, you can look at the recently added or featured series or shorts, or use the search box, or arrange video titles alphabetically to facilitate quicker search. Videos are also tagged for better search results. And just like in YouTube, you can rate the videos, share them and add comments. There's nothing exceptional with the video player, the site uses a standard sized Flash video player. An added feature is the articles they write about selected artists in the industry.

Alexa sets the traffic rank for SuperDeluxe at 38,790. The site still has a long way to go if it wants to compete head on with more popular video sharing sites like YouTube. Hopefully, the video database of SuperDeluxe will grow bigger in the next couple of months with lots of new users contributing contents on a much regular basis. Moreover, the website so far doesn't show that much innovation or twist. Aside from being a comedy-dedicated video sharing site, it still can be seen as another YouTube clone.