Uvouch.com, a new and neat aggregator

February 23rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Uvouch.com is a video bookmarking website where you can add videos and website links that you discovered while browsing the Web. A Uvouch button is placed on your browser tool bar which allows the user to instantly add a video or website to their personal account. Once you have saved these videos and websites in your Uvouch account, you can easily manage them, adding descriptions, tags, categorizing them, adding descriptions and so on.

User interface is very simple and website's design is quite dynamic. There's a lot of space to move about but still is quite easy to navigate. Everything revolves around a “one-click” philosophy: one-click video importing, one-click link importing. You can also customize the arrangements of your favorites and web links. Just like other video sharing websites, members of the oneline community can collect their favorite videos and sites and share them to friends or embed them to their own blogs or webpages. The standard tagging, options to post comments, discuss views, meet and create networks of your own are all there.

The website just turned live recently. Even so, the reported current number of videos bookmarked and shared in Uvouch has already reached more than 200,000. This kind of video sharing site has an advantage over YouTube and other similar sites. Because what people do in Uvouch is collect, bookmark and share videos, the video sources as well as the website link selections should be bigger and more diverse. Users of Uvouch have the whole Web as their resource. Videos in YouTube as well as other clone websites will be the playing field of Uvouch users. Moreover, people have very different tastes which will bring in more varied link contributions.

However, the developers still need to make the website standout. The Web video sharing market is already crowded with thousands of YouTube clones and similar video aggregators. At present I can't see not that much uniqueness and orginality in the website. Well at least the site looks cleaner, better and easier to navigate than aggreators like Dabble.com and Vdiddy.com.