, harnessing the “tastebuds of the masses”

February 24th, 2007 at 12:00 am is somewhat unique. It is a food sharing website which centers on not on creating the prefect, fine-dining menus but rather on food explorations and sharing food discoveries in the kitchen. The site has a good social networking foundation with members having lots of options to interact with one another.

Members can create or join a group of people that they share the same interests in cooking and food. And with the “foodie search”, people can look for other members in their area. Since the goal of the site is to gather the collective taste of people into a single resource, members are encouraged to talk to one another, experiment cooking, collaborate on dishes and share techniques as well. Also, the website features local restaurant reviews which could come in handy just in case you fail to create something edible in the kitchen this time around.

Food recipes can be rated according to taste, mood, and personal compatibility. Searching for food recipes is quite easy especially with lots of tags to go about. The site also features a unique "Recipe Stumbler", which by the way I really love. The recipe stumbler will find recipes for you at random based of course on your favorite foods. You can also perform a search based on flavors giving you some very interesting search results.

User interface is friendly enough. Not that complicated for a social network website and very informative for a food site. GroupRecipes is definitely not a tacky one nor is it too classy that invites exclusivity. Note, that every posted recipe is connected to the creator's personal food page. This gives members a perfect chance to view more information about the author of the recipe as well as other foods, recipes, or ingredients that he/she likes.

The website seems to be doing well. The concept itself is appealing and the present content quite satisfying that we could expect the site to continue to grow in terms of membership and user generated contributions. Traffic ranking trends courtesy of Alexa shows that GroupRecipes's site visitors are stable and is actually rising in a steady trend. Alexa recorded a traffic rank of 82,674 for the website.

GroupRecipes is still in its beta version. So far is holding up on its own against fully dedicated cooking sites like and recipe databases such as , , and . The latter websites have been around for years thus the advantage.