Mediamax, host and play.

February 24th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Streamload,Inc. has a product called Mediamax. It's simply a online storage service with some useful pizzaz!

Online storage services like Omnidrive, Dropboks and Pando work like those big file email sites (Mailbigfile, Yousendit, and Dropsend) where users can upload files then the application will share the URL of the file so it can be downloaded from there. Storage and sharing is what's common and all those sites provide 1GB or 2GB for free. Streamload's Mediamax on the other hand provides the same service, plus media streaming and 25 whopping Gigabytes of storage space per user, all for the same price: free!

Mediamax allows users to have an online hard disk. Storing files on Mediamax is just the same as the other storage sites, upload (multiple files allowed), wait and manage. Managing the files is done in a file manager much like in Omnidrive except there are no drag and drop features. File management in Mediamax resembles email management in Yahoo. File management in the other storage sites however are limited to listing down the files, moving, deleting and downloading them.

Mediamax does more with their streaming feature. Music, pictures, and video files are detected by the application and segragated into lockers (these lockers are like filters only displaying music, pictures or videos). Media files from the lockers cant hen be streamed online without downloading the files. For example, I stored a video file in my Mediamax account, to watch it I go to the Video Locker, select the video and click play. Mediamax then uses the media player on my machine to stream the file from their server. This is very useful when accessing your media from machines that aren't yours.

Anyway, the streaming feature and the 25GB are probably the greatest advantage of using Mediamax over other online storage sites. Other features are the same, the UI is similar except for the drag and drop feature . The email system is also similar except for the choice to send files as an attachment to the email or as URL's. Again, a useful trait of Mediamax.

All in all, Mediamax has many advantages over many other storage sites. According to Alexa rankings, it's in the top 7000. I also compared traffic rankings and here's what I got –>: