Turboflix.com, fast person-to-person photo, video sharing

February 24th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The homepage says it is the “fastest and easiest way” to share videos and photos on the web. When you go to Turboflix.com , the first thing you'll see is the three-step photo/video sharing form. If you enter an email that is still unregistered, Turboflix will create a new account using that email address by simply confirming your password. There's no account information form to fill up, just confirm you password. When you've completed the forms, the photos or videos that you have uploaded will be sent upon you confirm them through your email.

The site is all about sharing photos and videos between two people. There are no public galleries here, no public sharing or even viewing of files. Everything is a private communication between the sender and the receiver of the files. Turboflix will send an email to the recipient informing him/her that the sender wishes to share this particular photo or video. You view the files through the website via a custom Flash-based viewer. And since it is an email, the original recipient can forward the email together with links to other friends and family members.

Aside from this free setup, Turboflix also offers a premium account where you can install the Turboflix desktop application allowing you to send videos and photos in an email like interface. If you don't like paying the $29.95 yearly subscription fee, you could just try out for free Lite, the 60-day trial-version. Or you could just settle with the online file uploading option.

Some people don't like the homepage saying that it is not professional enough. Personally, I find nothing wrong with the present layout, design and functionality of the homepage as long as it facilitates and maintains a fast file uploading system, then it's fine with me.

However, the website's support page doesn't have a link bringing the browser back to the homepage. When I entered the support page, I wasn't able to get out if it immediately. I have to press the back button in the browser tool bar just to navigate between the homepage and continue browsing the other pages. Why not make use of that large “Turboflix” title/logo? Make them links that will move visitors from where they are to the site's homepage instantly.