, no one to flirt with

February 27th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Speed dating is now online. has just gone live. This mostly AJAX web application was patterned after the speed dating phenomenon that quickly caught the interest of the single population across the country. However, there are certain differences. In Flirtfrenzy, there's no need to complete a registration form. All the website requires is to enter a screen name, sex, age and place of origin. Afterwards, you just need to agree with the rules and regulations of the site and you're ready to go.

Once you're in, you can select from a choice of four rooms (so far). The rooms contain a possible Flirting partner. You enter a room and look for or wait for a flirting partner. If by good faith that someone agreed to chat with you, you only have 10 minutes to talk with your partner. It's your and your partner's discretion if you wan to reveal personal information, exchange emails and other contact information. The website emphasizes that everything you divulge during those 10 minutes is your own responsibility.

The level of anonymity does have some benefits. Because you no longer need to fill up forms you can log-in and log-out as quickly anytime. The threat, however, is the lack of security and screening of people who chats in the site. On the other hand, creating a website that requires you to open a personal account will not be different from the thousands of dating websites on the Web.

Flirtfrenzy requires browser to have the cookies enabled as well as the Javascript. The browser need to be W3C compatible as well.

Currently Flirtfrenzy is still in beta, so the number of rooms are very few and the visitors are very scarce. I stayed online for 30 minutes but nothing happened. The idea, however, is quite unique. Let's just hope the site will pick up soon so we can see how this online speed dating thing will end up. The creator of the site maintains a blog, where the first info about Flirtfrenzy came out.