Jubii, mixing it all up

February 27th, 2007 at 12:00 am

If you can't think of a new service, mix them up. This is probably exactly what Jubii was thinking when they started doing this site. Most people have many channels of communication on the web. There's email, instant messaging (IM), voice-over internet protocol (Voip), short message service (SMS), file sharing, and contact list. Many companies specialize in at least one of these specific channels like Skype for VOIP, Yahoo for Email, and Google for email and IM. Jubii on the other hand tries to specialize in all those by seamlessly integrating all channels of web communication into one web-based, browser-based platform.

There are of course many advantages of this unified web communication platform but it wouldn't be any good if all wasn't working. Jubii's beta release is actually disappointing. To start with the access is slow. logging into the site is s urprisingly slow and difficult with all the restrictions on the password. Secondly, the email interface is slower compared to YahooMail and Gmail, furthermore, nothing's new with the email feature except the SMS capability. Third, chat is still limited to AIM and ICQ. Fourth, the VOIP is not working yet. Lastly, the filesharing is also not there.

On the brighter side, Jubii is working on its features. Combining the power of the channels of web communication poses a threat to older and more established services. If Jubii pulls this off, expect them to be acquired by either Yahoo or Google in the future. Another notable feature of Jubii is its free 10GB storage. Although not the largest in the file hosting business, it should be ten times better than the usual free 1GB offerings of online storage sites like Omnidrive.

All in all, Jubii is a web service that promises a lot. Hopefully they'll deliver since their idea is, aside from noble, totally awesome and could be life changing! Personally, I'd prefer a service like jubii that allows me to use all my other accounts in a single platform. Now that would be cool!