, something more than just milk

February 27th, 2007 at 12:00 am is not related to any milk products nor does it has something to do with the “Got Milk” campaign. The website is actually a place where you can manage your to-do lists. It is in the same league as , and which are online to-do lists websites. I just recently discovered the website although it seems that it has been up since 2005. At present the website is still in Beta form though. Their online to-do list management services is free and according to them, they have no intention of creating premium accounts in site memberships.

The is not just a to-do list organizer. It allows you to categorize duties according to Personal, Study, and Work. You can re-delegate the various tasks to and from each folder whenever you you see fit. You can easily manage to do lists and use features like iCalendar. I really like how you can add tasks. You can add task entries on a folder directly, there's no submenu that opens up or a subfolder that you need to fill out before you upload your tasks. It's straightforward, easy and fast.

One of the best features of the side is the “Reminder” tool option. When you go to the “Settings” you can set the “Reminder” and allow the site to send you an email, an IM, or even an SMS reminding you of an upcoming deadline for a certain task.

The whole site is very user friendly. I wouldn't transferring my to-do lists from another provider to this one. Recent updates or upgrades RememberTheMilk has incorporated include the capability to create a RememberTheMilk module and post it in Netvibes.

It appears the website is doing ok after a year and a half since it started. Alexa tracks down a traffic rank of 9,575 for the website. Competitors like Stikkit and Wallnote are a little behind in traffic stats compared to RememberTheMilk. However, the name may be very interesting and all, but concerns on where the website gets its funding is still there. I was reading the forums and the last time the question about funding was addressed was during the early days of the site's beta. Although, the site is able to sustain itself in the past year and a half, plus it does continue to grow so I think all is well with Omar Kilani and company.