, totally discovering music

February 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am , i haven't seen anything like it before. This web app lets users browse music not only by genre but also by style, era and mood. This makes Musicovery totally different from other music websites that searches for music by artist's name or the title of the songs. The web app discovers music based on the parameters that you choose.

The web app has a number of filters. The idea is to mix and match filters and see what the results will be. I chose rock music that came out in the 80s with a + Tempo and an energetic mood. The results that came out were a from Pretenders, Joe Jackson, O.M.D., Clash, Matt Bianco, and Talking Heads just to name a few. Every time you change the parameters on the player, the Flash generated image on the right will jump into a new interface which now includes the songs that belong to the category you have chosen.

And because genres are color coded, choosing more than one will result to your Flash image resembling a kaleidoscope toy. The aesthetics are simply great. Plus the Flash image can be dragged using your mouse so you can choose songs manually. If you let the songs play, once one has ended the Flash image will select automatically the next song from the uploaded music map.

The selection of music is not bad as well. Musicovery has rap, R&B, classical, electro, latino, reggae, soundtracks, soul, pop, metal, rock, blues, gospel and some more. There's no lag noticeable in the songs, well at least at my end since I do have a fast internet connection.

Musicovery, however, offers its free feature in lo-fi format. It has a hi-fi format but is exclusive to paying users. I'm satisfied with the quality of the free version and I don't mind sticking with it.

Musicovery reminds of another website I love, . This one is more on a bookmarking site, although it does allow you to ″discover” a lot of great web pages that you have never seen, heard of, or even thought of existed on the Web. It base searches on your preset preferred topics. StumbleUpon do take into consideration the opinions or ratings of its users on particular websites. The pages it shows are based on the recommendations of fellow users who happened to like the website.