Phixr, Pictures in Different File Formats

February 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Online photo editor s are already in the mainstream with applications like Snipshot, Picture2Life, and Fauxto taking the lead. These online Photoshops allow users to edit images just as they would in Adobe Photoshop or MS Paint or whichever image editor. Phixr is another entry in this list of online image editors.

What sets Phixr apart is its ability to save its resulting pictures in other formats aside from JPG namely, PNG, PDF, GIF, and OCR (text). Aside from that feature, Phixr does not really present much. It’s editng tools are limited. There is no pencils or brush for free hand drawings. there are however, transformations tools (resize, crop, and rotate), color tools (B&W, sepia, negative and colorize), and fill, text and bubble options. The last set of tools are photo tools including blur, despeckle, red-eye reduction, animated effects, and collage options. Composite pictures are also allowed so there’s no problem with making a collage in Phixr.

Phixr’s interface is also no the best. Nevertheless, it’s tools are fully functional, take not of the undo button that worksone step back or reverts the whole picture to its original format.

Furthermore, Phixr has tied up with a couple of photo sites to draw in a crowd. They have ties with Flickr, Fotopic,Smugmug and Webshots for importing purposes. On the other hand for exporting, Phixr has settings for those above and the following, Buzznet, Costco, Fotolog, Imageshack, Livejournal, Nakama, and Photobucket.

For simple “phixing” purposes and probably a little pimping up, Phixr can get the job done, online. Though, personally I prefer the more feature-packed Fauxto, but sometimes too many options from Fauxto can be daunting for other users so Phixr is a good choice as well.