Toufee, make presentations online

February 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Web-based presentation makers are either made in Ajax or Flash or Laszlo. Toufee is another online presentation creator that uses Flash technology and successfully integrates the interactive stage seamlessly. Unlike video editing web applications, Toufee buillds presentations just like those in Powerpoint without any additional software.

Toufee is a browser based slideshow slash flash presentation maker. It's functions are nearly as complete as Flash or Swish but with some limitations of course. Anyway, the user interface is great, easy-to-use and straightforward. Actually, when creating or editing a presentation there is no need to leave the current page. The Flash technology allows everything to flow smoothly with pop-ups for options.

Adding the elements on the stage of evcry Toufee presentations is very easy. Images, text and media each have their own tabs where they can be individually added and adjusted. For images and other media files including audio and video, an upload pop up appears to facilitae the transfer of the file from the local hard drive onto the Toufee server. Text can be inputted in the presentation via text boxes.

Each element in Toufee is considered a single object and has options on appearing, disappearing, emphasizing. Size of objects can be adjusted by pulling handles. When all objects are in place in a frame, the user can create another frame and select transition effects for each frame.

A complete Toufee movie is of course useless if it cannot be saved or exported. Saving is possible with the save button. Saved Toufee movies are only saved on the server as an editable document (some sort of .fla or .swi). Exporting on the other hand is in .swf format which is very versatile. An HTML code is given for embedding in blogs and websites, and a URL is generated for email purposes.

All in all Toufee is the closest thing to Powerpoint and Swish on the web. Some presentation makers have different approaches as to how the objects and frames are manipulated. Personally, I think Toufee is the easiest to use among them.