, simple is the best

February 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

When went live, the site probably became the simplest way to share files online. The Norway based company responsible for the web app was founded by Magnus Andersen who is also the main developer of YouBackItUP.

The great thing about the site is it eliminates any registration or verifications. The java based interface allows users to drag and drop files enabling them to quickly upload the files for storage. Users can upload files that are not more than 200mb. Although users can store their files for as long as they want, inactive files for 20 days will be deleted.

Nothing more can be said about the website. Like I said it's really very simple. Magnus Andersen might want to give the site's design some perk to make it more interesting but aside from that, YouBackItUp have pretty much what users need. It seems Andersen is not new in this kind of web app. It has been reported that Andersen was also a co-founder of, a file storage provider that specifically caters for companies in Norway. The website appears to be having a very successful run since it started two years ago which, according to StartUp's blog entry, prompted Andersen to give the concept a try with YouBackItUp.

Other file sharing websites might rethink the way they do things with the advent of these kinds of websites. Although, there are already a lot of file sharing sites that have simplified the way files are uploaded, sites like Mediafire , DivShare , and even YouSendIt . A major disadvantage with YouBackItUp is the 200mb ceiling file size. It is now the trend among file sharing sites to have an unlimited upload and download feature not to mention no waiting lines for files. Some file sharing web apps offer more than just sharing files such as auto image galleries, co-branding options and all that.

Still, the drag and drop feature of YouBackItUp is really a killer. Andersen really did something with this web app. Let's see what he still has under his sleeve.