88miles, tracking time to the last mile.

March 1st, 2007 at 12:00 am

There are more or less a dozen web based time tracking services available. They are said to be very helpful to people working on time constraints or people simply wanting to know where their time went. Some sites are simply for organizing tasks and presenting deadlines. 88miles is for counting each and every second spent on a task.

88miles is a product of MadPilot productions and unlike other Time tracking software, 88miles prides itself with their simplicity. Instead of concentrating on deadlines, 88miles is more concerned about counting how much time was spent on a task. Signed on users collaborators can already list down a any task and begin timing themselves. 88miles also works for bosses who want to monitor employees progress.

The downside of 88miles is actually found in its upside as well. Timing a task doesn't use any fancy spyware or automatic logging system, 88miles works like a stopwatch. users or bosses can use them only to time a task from start to completion (no breaks). the punch in button starts the time then the punch out button ends the time. Results are displayed immediately after punch out.

Time tracking devices for employees do not work unless with religious vigilance. 88miles is a very easy program to cheat so it sure is not designed for employees who will be basing their paycheck on the time card. 88miles is for people who value their time and need to monitor their time to get paid. So there's another time tracker in the box, we wish it good luck.