Boompa, here’s to the gearheads.

March 1st, 2007 at 12:00 am

A social network for cars. Or better yet, a social network for both cars and people who have no time to play with them and people who simply love them. Much better. Coming from the guys who made and, Ethan Lance and Dave Snider used to work for CNET and eventually put up their own startup.

Inspired by Ethan's grandfather whom he called “boompa” due to his enthusiasm and encyclopedic knowledge of cars, Ethan and Dave are the two staff of the social network.

So like I said it's all about cars. Members get to share what cars they have, want, or saw and get to rate discuss and battle other cars from other members. Each member gets a garage. The garage contains cars and parts which can actually be displayed as for sale if ever of course the user is selling. Cars are well classified by make, model and year. There are other fields to fill up about a car if the users wants to.

Once the car is published, other users can comment, rate and battle them. The cars are displayed in a gallery and any user can choose any car as their “car of the day” and blog about it. Cars can also be battled against any champion. So every car is a potential challenger, all the user has to do is click a button to battle it.

Other features of a usual social network are packaged with boompa, profiles, groups, forum, news, etc. Guides is the classified ads space. Here's where the swapping and selling and buying happens.

All in all, Boompa is a wonderful network for people and cars. The only problem I'm having is that they have too many features and I get lost. I guess it takes a little getting used to. Lastly, I just have to mention that Boompa is perfect for everyone who loves cars. Drool and weep!