Changing the Present

March 1st, 2007 at 12:00 am

The media has reported the beginning of a trend. People are discovering that the best way to show you care for someone isn't giving them something they don't need, but rather in doing something to make the world a better place, in their name.

Changingthepresent caters to this trend. The site is a charity site designed to raise funds for different people with different needs. This allows users to choose who to give their money to. Any giving their money in the name of someone else is according to the media the trend to day so why not? Users can buy gifts for their friends and the price they pay will cover the gift item and the shipping as well as the donation to the chosen charity.

The charities are cllassified by causes which are the following: aging, agriculture & development, animal welfare, arts & culture, blindness & vision, cancer, children, civil society, disabilities, disaster relief, education & literacy, environment, global health, global warming, HIV/AIDS, homeless & housing, human rights, hunger, land mines, medical research, mental health, microcredit, millennium goals, peace, population, poverty alleviation, public broadcast, refugees, social entrepreneurs, technology, veterans, water, and women. Under every cause there are different specific charities where donations will go.

Also, changingthepresent has a social aspect to it. Users can create their profiles and add friends or join groups. They can talk about their philantropic actions if they want to. They can patronize the suffering or mock stupid gifts. Discussions on social issues and reponsibilites are in the forum.

Changingthepresent is a philantropic organization trying to capture the money spent on useless gift items passed around between Americans each year (an estiimated figure of $250billion). So instead of buying gifts for peoplpe who'll just stock them up in the basement, why not make a donation in the name of your friends. They'll get a card and a good night's sleep.