Clipmarks, mash the web.

March 1st, 2007 at 12:00 am is a social bookmarking site that allows users to literally clip "bite-size" snippets of information from their favorite sites. Categorized according to News, Life, Science, or Technology, these "pops" are then rated by the community. The most popular items make the front page for other members to share.

It's kind of like digg or but it's really somehting different. Ok, that first paragraph was a direct quote from KillerStartups and they didn't really emphasize what makes Clipmarks different. The part where users can “literally clip snippets of information is what defines Clipmarks from other social bookmarking sites.

Clipping is done by a plugin button on the browser. A simple interface appears on the browser and any part of the page can be selected, clipped, and saved. Users can go to any web page and clip or copy-paste any part of that page (in contrast to bookmarking the whole page) to be bookmarked in their Clipmarks account. Basically, with Clipmarks, only the highlights of the page can be shared. This eliminates a lot of useless information as compared to for example, bookmarking a whole page wor a single word or picture. Though the whole page can also be clipmarked, Clipmarks is indeed an innovation to social bookmarking.

Generally, clipmarks is a great tool for aggregating information from different websites. Sharing clipmarks through the site is as easy as doing it on digg and but embedding it in blogs is something the web has not seen before. the interface on of the Clipmarks plugin also includes an embed option which generates an HTML code for blogs. This allows user to directly quote any part of any website in their blog.