, a one-stop-shop for anything digital

March 1st, 2007 at 12:00 am

As long as it's digital, you can upload and share it through . The website is a one-stop-shop where you can share photos, files, video, music, entire folders, snippets from the web or entire web pages, and other various links. The appeal of the website lies on its flexibility to accept a number of file formats.

The following came from the site: ″…to have control over what you share and how you share it.” eSnips is classified as a social content-sharing website but even so, users have perfect control over the files they upload. The users can set if their files are meant for public viewing or are intended for a more discrete audience.

A unique feature of the website is the fact that you can create your own community around your content. Since every folder you create become a web page, you can fully customized the folders and invite people who share similar interests to post comments or interact with others who have access to your contents.

eSnips has made available 1GB of space to free accounts., enough space for users to play around. The user interface is easy enough and navigating around the site is relatively fast given the level of functionality the website offers.

As a networking website, eSnips contains various groups or communities which are categorized according to fields of interests. Major categories include music, arts, life and fun. Each one having subcategories of their own where users can visit and explore.

eSnips is enjoying a fair amount of success. Statistical trends from Alexa shows that the company had an increasing traffic rank since it started in 2006. Alexa at present has set a traffic rank of 1,056 for eSnips.