Overrated-underrated.com, quite a boring website

March 1st, 2007 at 12:00 am

The site has three ratings: overrated, about right, and underrated. The idea is to choose a rating which reflects your opinion on a specific movie, a game, a particular song or music, sports, TV or recent techs. After you give your rating, you can write an ″apology” which is your formal defense or explanation why you have given such rating. The apology can be as short as a single sentence or as long as series of paragraphs. If in cases where you can't find any subject that is of interest, you can always suggest a topic to be rated.

Overrated-underrated.com appeals to individuals who are highly opinionated, people who don't mind saying what they think. The fact that everything is done online and no face-to-face interaction is ever going to happen soon, normally shy people might find their courage to post their opinions too. The website has no value but purely entertainment. The discussions are there to amuse and lighten an otherwise serious website or topic. You can find some interesting apologies as well.

The website do have a very functional and user friendly interface. Nevertheless, with such limited functionality, browsers might get disinterested with the site quickly. You basically can't do anything else but rate stuff. And just like in real life where people get tired of talking about the same topic and doing the same old thing, Overrated-underrated.com might have problems maintaining a loyal stream of followers. The site is barely ranking according to Alexa. Developers might think of adding some innovations to the website. It will not stay for long if it remains very limited and boring. Buzzfever.com is a similar ranking site, but reviews not only movies and music but products as well. This site also uses images which Overrated-underrated.com obviously lacks. Adding images, trailer releases and sample music bytes might help perk up the website. If funding is a problem then Overrate-underrated is really in a pickle.