Sampa, create your own site.. any site.

March 1st, 2007 at 12:00 am

When Web2.0 came along, Ajax made it easier for users to create their own websites. No more coding and hosting were all available in a one-stop-shop-site. Blogs are the most popular type of personal websites. Here users use predetermined templates, do some customization and then fill them up with whatever they feel like. Parallel to the blogs there are also mashups, and other build it yourself websites that do not take any predetermined format.

Sampa is one of these do-it-yourself sites that allows the user to make a website as creatively as he wants. It's actually like making a site on Dreamweaver, sort of. Anyway, Sampa presents all the options the user has in the design module. The user can then layout and organize multiple web pages for the site using the module. Unlike the blog where pages are based on entries, with Sampa, pages can be made the old fashion way (like Frontpage) but a lot easier thanks to Ajax.

For those used to the Blog format, there is also an option to insert a blog in a Sampa site as a module. So editing can be like a usual WordPress or Blogger site. There is also a module for pictures and albums so it can be done like Multiply. Of course, other elements of the website like Video and links can be easily dragged and drop just like all the other parts that go onto a page.

Personally, there are other do-it-yourself-website services yet of all that I've tried, I find Sampa to be the easiest to use (try SiteKreator as comparison). The ease of drag and drop and adding all other elements on-the-fly in an interface defines Sampa among the other sites. If only I had the time and will power to use it in my leisure time, I could make one helluva a website!