Sticking with for the meantime

March 1st, 2007 at 12:00 am

Your web-based post-its, this pretty much sums up what has to offer. This very simple web app has a direct approach in providing the user pieces of information like to do lists, phone numbers, notes, or whatever purpose you could think of. But unlike conventional stickies that adorn your cupboard, refrigerator door or study board, online there's little chance that your sticky notes from StickyTag can get lost.

User interface is pretty easy. You just log in using a valid email address. Once you're in, click the 'Add New' to create a ″sticky”. By double clicking on the sticky, you can add and edit the entries. You can continuously add stickies to your in-browser desktop.

If you feel you already have too much sticky notes cluttering your space, you can always add the sticky notes to the archive. Unless you intentionally delete the sticky notes, they will remain exactly where you left them every time you log back in

A great thing about StickyTag is its very neat appearance. Noticeable is the lack of banner ads. Although, StickyTag did not give any assurances that the site will remain free of banner ads, they do however promises the users that if the ads to return, they will place them within the page in a manner that they will not intervene with the normal functions of the website.

Although, the simplicity of the site is quite appealing, it might to the site's advantage if users are given some level of controls in customizing their sticky notes or their in-browser desktop. The first thing that come to mind is having some options to change background and even font colors. That would be fun. There are other things that can be done to expand the functionality of the site. Developers have disclosed that they are releasing some upgrades soon. That's something to look forward to especially in a rather crowded market. Remember, StickyTag has to compete with websites like Stikkit , Posticky and Mystickies , to name a few, both of which have been around for some time now and most likely have gained some loyal followers by now. I really think the one who can come up with the most efficient, user friendly and innovative interface will be the better website.