AskItOnline, an Ajax equipped survey service

March 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am is an online survey service provider. You tell them what you need, they will design you the right questionnaire forms so you can conduct surveys online. The website is still in private beta, although it promises a user interface that is both easy and filled with Ajax technology. So far, according to news and their website, one of the prominent features of the online survey service provider is the drag and drop interface that will be used in the survey editor. Not only is the feature cool, but it increases efficiency as well.

Even though AskItOnline was specifically made for survey management, the application can easily be personalized and customized to work on managing contact forms, as a bug tracker, to take and manage online opinions or polls, to organize online quizzes and tests, to manage online orders and even to handle job applications. The versatility of the web app is an advantage for companies and individuals who have little or no available resources for expensive survey firms. The program was designed to be understood and utilized by people with little or no knowledge in programing. The reason behind it was to make the application as attractive as possible to the simple and ordinary Web users. Among the target market of the company are small online stores or companies who want to know more about their particular market. Also, personal website owners can use Askitonline to see what kinds of people visit their sites. The basic account can be used for free but the site offers 3 paid plans or accounts, each with additional and varying features and functionality.

Also, the fact that AskItOnline is fully web-based makes it more attractive to users. This means you can access your survey forms, edit them, manage them anywhere and anytime as long as you have an internet connection.

AskItOnline will be in direct competition with Compared to Wufoo , however, I would prefer the user interface, especially the Ajax integration, of AskItOnline. Although, it seems Wufoo offers more functionality and has more features than AskItOnline. Nevertheless, let's not discount the fact that AskitOnline is still under development and they might be incorporating additional features as we speak. All in all, it's something that we can look forward to.