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March 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Life without God? Was Have you upgraded to Windows Vista? Do I need to? Why do my parents have to bother me when I am sleeping? Is the Bible real or fantasy? These just a few of the questions that were recently answered in . The website is generally a social question and answer site where you can post your question, even how mundane they are. It is where people can answer those questions and even include advice.

FunAdvice also uses social networking formula which basically means members can easily create their own networks of friends by adding people to their friends list. Sending private messages and even sharing of photos can be done. The website boasts of having a social community comprising of more than 11,000 people and anyone of them can assist you by answering your questions and giving you advice. User interface is not that difficult. To get advice, you need to ask a question first and then enter a description which gives the details why you really want know the answer or why you need to seek advice. The site claims of having some highly rated, professional advisers registered in the site which can give very educated advice. Nevertheless, since this is an online community, be prepared to receive some unusual, funny or even useless user generated advice.

FunAdvice is not actually new. They have been around since March 2003. In the past years, they have been fin tuning the site. Continuous development is very important in a social networking site. Recent improvements can be seen from the expanded subject categories, from the original eighteen categories it is now more than 28. The appeal of FunAdvice is not on th UI nor the uniqueness of the concept, but rather on the word ″fun”. The site, unfortunately, hasn't capitalized much on the idea. The website is too formal and too plain, although some user generated advice and answers are more than entertaining the site's design is not fun at all. Personally, I prefer simplifying the home page and the overall UI. Something to level of , another Q&A website that doesn't require registration to post questions.