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March 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am is a pretty interesting web app. You know how some web apps are able to convert video and image files into different formats just by using your browser, first websites that come to mind are and Mux, on the other hand, is somewhat a variation of the concept. Mux takes any video link or video page from YouTube and Google video and converts it into selected output format. Output formats available are Mpeg4, Quicktime, iPod, Flash Video, Windows Media, Mpeg1/2, Windows AVI, 3GP mobile andOGGTheora.

Recent upgrades to the site already allows you to convert the videos into a specified size, bitrate, and frames per second. You can either choose the Basic, Power, Mobile or Second Life mode of us, each one having certain advantages over the other. The Basic mode is quick but the Power mode allows you to select settings and configure your output.

Mux is a product of, a digital gallery of vidoes, audios, and is powered by Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 web services. At first Mux was an internal solution that Cruxy used to address problems in format, bit rate, file size, bandwidth and clock speed when creating online videos. Due to the success of the project, Cruxy decided to package the application into a standalone web app, and Mux is the result of that decision. On the surface, you place the video link and indicate what output you want Mux to convert it into. What Mux does is it downloads the selected video, transcode it to the new format, size, and rate per your specifications. The conveted videos is then stored in Amazon S3.

You need a valid email to receive notifications that the video conversion has been completed. When you check you email all you need to do is click on the emailed specified URL where the converted video can be downloaded. User interface is very easy to understand.

Mux is still in beta version and the file conversion service remains free. Although, the website is for personal and non-commercial use only.