MyNoteIt, Study smarter

March 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Notes notes notes. I never remembered having a notebook in college. Not even the kind that's made of paper and bound by wire or string. But I do remember the girl I sat beside who diligently took down notes with her pen and perfect handwriting. Then I photocopied those notes for the exam.

 I guess now, notebooks (the laptop kind) are becoming more rampant inside classrooms as well as classrooms with Wifi internet connections. These innovations in schools are prompting startups to create services like mynoteIT.

The application is designed to replace (if possible) the pen and paper taking down of notes during class or the note photocopying afterwards. Here's a list of what they can do (I couldn't say it any better due to lack of experience):


  • Ask the community your dire question at the message boards.

  • Access your notes on your mobile phone via mynoteIT Mobile.

  • Upload Word and OpenOffice documents, images of scanned notes andaudio notes.

  • Keep track of all your upcoming assignments and get them done with your to-do list.

  • Use our sophisticated WYSIWYG editor to easily take, edit and store your notes online.

  • Instantly search your notes or the mynoteIT community notes, and learn something new.

  • Create a bookmark list of the most helpful and useful notes you find on mynoteIT.

  • Join or create class groups or school groups so you're never out of the loop.

  • View all your upcoming assignments on your calendar.

  • Add friends to your friends list to easily keep in touch with each other.

  • Easily keep track of all your grades in all your classes.

  • Store your teachers contact information to easily contact them anytime.

  • Go through the revision process with your friends with our note tree.

I tried using the application and even with my close to nil experience with note taking, I think I still prefer the old fashion way. There are many advantages of taking notes digitally but it's the tactile on the fly type of note taking that perhaps woos me back to my pen.

MyNoteIT without a doubt delivers on all the features they listed. Sharing and organizing notes are much easier than doing it on paper as well as tracking grades. Unfortunately, all those tools and features do not ensure at least a passing grade. Nevertheless, mynoteIT is still a great innovation for the possibility of the laptop replacing the paper.