March 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

In London, the street are small, the streets are plenty, and the cars are many. Well, that's what I heard. So I guess finding parking in that part of the world is very tricky. Which is why there's a web directory or classifieds designed entirely for parking spaces in the UK.

Parkatmyhouse is the directory to find or let out parking spaces in the UK. It works like a room mate finder. Users are allowed to lease out parking spaces over the internet by signing up and posting their garage or parking slot if they have extra. The for-lease parking spaces are collated in a database where interested parkers can search by location. Search queries need not be too specific. Seekers can enter a post code, landmark, building or street into the search bar and the engine displays all available parking spaces within the vicinity (shown through a Google map). Take note that only the parking spaces advertised on the site can be displayed.

Aside from the advertised parking spaces, Wesabe gives more information about every slot. The map also displays restaurants, pubs, stadiums, transport stations and other local amenities.

Availability of the parking space is also shown as well as parking space subscriptions (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly). When the seeker decides which parking space to lease, he is provided with the contact information of the the owner of the slot or the Paypal account. The seeker can pay the lessor online or cash, which h ever is easier.

All in all, Parkatmyhouse is a keen idea that saves people time and effort to look for a parking space in a busy city. It would be great if they expanded to the major cities worldwide like craigslist.