TheGorb, your online reputation.

March 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Online reputation, they say, measures your credibility on the web. I do not find much use of that since anybody could take any identity on the web. Anonymity in cyberspace is actually one of the leading factors that makes the web such a free space to roam. According to a ReadWriteWeb poll, more than 50% of users do not use their real identities on the web.

Still, the metric of credibility and presence on web may be of some importance even if it's a virtual identity since the Web just like the real world is also a world with people so it must be of some importance what other people think of other people.

TheGorb is one of these applications that allow users to anonymously rate other users professionally and personally. Users can only rate anybody after joining. Upon membership, the user fills up an information sheet that is not shared unless chosen to be shared. Then he can rate anybody by simply entering an email address of someone. The person he is rating need not necessarily be a member of TheGorb but once the user submits the rating, an invitation to join is sent. The rated user will not know who rated him but he will see how he was rated on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest.

It's exciting since you wouldn't really know how popular until you sign up for an account. It could be possible that your email address has been rated so many times that when you sign up you already have a 10.0 rating!

Aside from rating other people, you can also send and receive comments from other users. Some will send comment anonymously, some will be bold. Regardless, those comments will contain messages from real people. The user can choose to listen, discard or reply to the comments.

All in all, I see no practical use for TheGorb yet there seems to be an innate importance to how people even in cyberspace perceive us. TheGorb is merely a tool to determine how other people think of someone but more importantly, it could be a reflection of one's self. Whew! Too profound. On the lighter side, it's something like Myepenis that measures how cool you are on the web. Whatever the use, it seems to be a social network that people could learn to enjoy.